Protective forests as an element of bioeconomics


Academic dispute «Protective forests as an element of bioeconomics» were held in the framework of All-Russia sceintific conference «Forest ecosystems conservation: challenges and ways of solution» (Kirov, 15-19 May, 2016) hosted by Vyatka State University. The dispute was organized by Vyatka State University, CEPF RAS Research Board on Forests, Center for Forest Ecology and Productivity of RAS and Nolinsk timber company Ltd. with RSSI support.


Program of the dispute

Resolution of the dispute


Dispute objective – discussion of perspectives, opportunities, difficulties of involvement of certain types of protective forests in scientifically based management and opportunities of its use as additional regional timber sources.

Representatives of scientific organizations, higher and professional schools, state authorities and municipalities, timber companies and media took part in the dispute.


Following issues were discussed during the dispute:

  • Types of protective forests in Russia: diversity, significance, role in ecosystem services fulfillment. Protective forests of the region, its state and problems.
  • Protective forests – additional timber source: myth or reality?
  • Protective forests as an element of bioeconomics in current regulatory framework.
  • Protective forests involved in bioeconomics: work experience.



Invited speakers:

Lukina N.V., Gagarin Yu.N., Gornov A.V. Protective forests and bioeconomics (Center for Forest Ecology and Productivity of RAS, Moscow)

Ananyev V.A., Sinkevitch S.M., Shorokhova E.V. Resource and ecological potential of protective forests of Karelia (Forest Institute of Karelian Scientific Center of RAS, Petrozavodsk)

Bobkova K.S., Tuzhilkina V.V., Senkina S.N., Kuznetsov M.A., Osipov A.F., Manov A.V., Kutyavin I.N., Reshetnikov A.A. Diversity of vegetation cover of protective forests of the forest fund of the Komi Republic (Komi Institute for Biology of RAS Ural Branch, Syktivkar Forest Institute, Syktivkar)

Nefedyev V.V. Protective forests state on the example of Moscow region (Center for Forest Ecology and Productivity of RAS, Moscow)

Savinikh N.P., Perestoronina O.N., Galvas A.G. Forest management activities in protective forests as a way for ecosystem conservation (Vyatka State University, Kirov,  Nolinsk timber company Ltd., Nolinsk)

Savinikh N.P., Perestoronina O.N., Galvas A.G. On some protective forests: state, perspectives for support and use (Vyatka State University, Forest Ltd., Kirov)

Resolution will be prepared upon debate results.




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