RAS research board on forests


RAS research board on forests is one of RAS research boards and is aimed at:

  1. Facilitation of aquiring new knowledge on forests;
  2. Determining priorities of forest research development;
  3. Developing concepts and development programmes of forest science key priorities;
  4. Analysing research and development results on forest science trends;
  5. Developing scientific basis of forest policy, sustainable forest maagement and advanced technologies aimed at forest sector innovative development;
  6. Facilitating ACADEMIC DISPUTE.

The structure of the RAS research board on forests was updated in accordance with 4th Decision of Biological Sciences Depratment Bureau from February 3rd, 2015.


The Bureau of the RAS research board on forests:

ИСАЕВ Александр Сергеевич Isaev Alexander Sergeevitch

Member of RAS, Head

ЛУКИНА Наталья Васильевна Lukina Natalia Vasilyevna

corresponding member of RAS, Deputy Head

Center for Forest Ecology and Productivity of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CEPF RAS)

Горнов Алексей Владимирович Gornov Alexey Vladimirovitch

Ph.D., CEPF RAS, academic secretary

ВАГАНОВ Евгений Александрович Vaganov Evgeniy Alexandrovitch

Member of RAS

ВОМПЕРСКИЙ Станислав Эдуардович Vomperskiy Stanislav Eduardovitch

Member of RAS

Крышень Александр Михайлович Krishen’ Alexander Mikhaylovitch

Dr. habil., Forest Research Institute of Karelian Research Centre of RAS

ОНУЧИН Александр Александрович Onutchin Alexander Nikolaevitch

Dr. habil., Institute of Forest of the Siberian branch of RAS

РОЖКОВ Вячеслав Александрович Rozhkov Vyacheslav Alexandrovitch

corresponding member of RAAS, V.V. Dokutchaev Soil Science Institute

Рожнов Вячеслав Владимирович Rozhnov Vyacheslav Vladimirovitch

corresponding member of RAS

СИРИН Андрей Артурович Sirin Andrey Arturovitch 

Dr. habil., Institute of Forest Science of RAS

Striganova Bella Rafailovna

corresponding member of RAS

Yankovskiy Nikolay Kazimirovitch 

corresponding member of RAS