Young Researchers Board


The Board is the permanent advisory body of the Centre comprising of postgraduate students, members of the staff and external degree-seekers below 35 years old.

The Board’s objective is to represent interests and deliver opinions of the Young Researchers of the Centre to the Centre’s Administration, Academic board and other organizations. The Board collaborates with the Young Researchers Board of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It participates in networking and shares information with other Research and Education Institutions. The Board monitors the possibilities to improve social background of Young Scientists.


Duties of the Board

  • Training of academic staff,
  • Networking of Young Researchers,
  • Leadership in innovations and priority research by collective of Young Researchers,
  • Sharing information on funding opportunities and outreach activities,
  • Analysis of professional, social and other challenges faced by a Young Researcher,
  • Representation of a Young Researcher to the State, research and social communities.



Elena Ruchinskaya – Chairman

Mariya Gornova – Vice-Chairman

Alena Nikitina – Secretary

Egor Gavrilyuk

Sergei Ermolov

Anton Kataev

Anna Kolycheva

Anastasiya Kuznetsova

Dar’ya Teben’kova

Nikolai Shevchenko