Academic board

Important findings, research planning, training programs for the academic staff, international collaboration, seminars and conferences, etc. are considered at the sessions of the Academic board of the Centre. It approves the annual work reports, and project reports, PhD and DSc theses, provide recommendations for publication and deals with other challenges.



Prof. Natal’ya Lukina, DSc (Biology) – Chairman of the Academic board

Nikolai Shevchenko, PhD (Biology) – Academic secretary

Dmitrii Ershov, PhD (Engineering)

Aleksei Gornov, PhD (Biology)

Dmitrii Zamolodchikov, DSc (Biology)

Viktor Nefed’ev, DSc (Geography)

Ol’ga Smirnova, DSc (Biology)

Tat’yana Braslavskaya, PhD (Biology)

Yurii Gagarin, PhD(Agriculture)

Dar’ya Teben’kova, PhD (Biology)

Svetlana Knyazeva, PhD (Geography)


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