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  Board of directors Prof. Natal’ya Lukina – Managing Director Dr. Aleksei Gornov – Deputy Director for Research Dr. Nikolai Shevchenko – Academic Secretary Dr. Tebenkova Darya – Deputy Director for Project management   Accounting Department Elena Erina – Chief Accountant Eteri Rusina – Deputy Chief Accountant Ol’ga Kravchenko – Accountant   Personnel Department Ol’ga Kravchenko – Chief […]

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Academic board

Important findings, research planning, training programs for the academic staff, international collaboration, seminars and conferences, etc. are considered at the sessions of the Academic board of the Centre. It approves the annual work reports, and project reports, PhD and DSc theses, provide recommendations for publication and deals with other challenges. ­ Members Prof. Natal’ya Lukina, […]

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Laboratory of forest ecosystem monitoring

  Laboratory of forest ecosystem monitoring was founded in 1992. Main topics are connected to the development of methods for forest ecosystems investigation based on contemporary GIS technologies and remote sensing data. Head of laboratory is Ershov Dmitry, Ph.D., Leading Researcher The laboratory consists of 12 researchers including a Dr. habil. and 5 Ph.D. The […]

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Laboratory of structural and functional organization and resilience of forest ecosystems

  Head – Natal’ya Lukina, corresponding member of RAS   The main topics of research of the laboratory are forest biodiversity and ecosystem functions/services assessment, carbon cycles and nutrition elements, forest soils dynamics with the use of methods of geobotany, forestry, ecology, soil science, terrestrial monitoring, surface and remote sensing data, statistical and math modeling […]

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Young Researchers Board

  The Board is the permanent advisory body of the Centre comprising of postgraduate students, members of the staff and external degree-seekers below 35 years old. The Board’s objective is to represent interests and deliver opinions of the Young Researchers of the Centre to the Centre’s Administration, Academic board and other organizations. The Board collaborates […]

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