Basic and applied research in the Center engages in ecology and productivity of forests in Russia in the following fields of study:

  • Assessment of the ecosystem functions, resources and environmental potential of Russian forests;
  • Biodiversity, productivity and resilience of forest ecosystems;
  • Remote sensing and GIS application in forest monitoring;
  • Modeling of forest ecosystem dynamics;

Under this framework, CEPF carries out the projects of the Program of basic research of the State Academies of Science for 2013-20, as follows:

Priority VI.51. Ecology of organisms and communities

Project: Concept of the remote monitoring of health and dynamics of forests

WP1. Spatial technologies of remote automatic recognition of forest health

WP2. Factors affecting lateral and vertical structure of forest ecosystems from remote data and ground proof


Project: Climate- and human-induced transformations of biospheric functions of boreal forests and Arctic ecosystems in Russia.

WP1. CEPF model of forest carbon budget and the system of regional assessment of carbon budget in forests (ROBUL)

WP2. Effect of permafrost degradation on carbon cycle


Priority VI.52. Biological diversity

Project: Ecosystem functions of intact and modified forest

WP1. Assessment of biodiversity and productivity of intact and modified forest during regeneration

WP2. Factors maintaining biodiversity of forest landscapes in a valley

WP3. Structure of phytocatena: an indicator of succession pathways in boreal forests and sub-taiga


Priorities: VI.54. Soil – the component of biosphere: formation, evolution, ecological functions; VI.52. Biological diversity; VI.62. Biotechnology.

Project: Conservation and regeneration of ecological functions of forest soils.

WP 1. Maintenance and regeneration of ecological functions of soils

WP 2. Spatial organization of forest cover: a factor of biodiversity of forest and diversity of soils

The Center provides education services following the standards of postgraduate training of the academic staff.