Laboratory of structural and functional organization and resilience of forest ecosystems


Head – Natal’ya Lukina, corresponding member of RAS


The main topics of research of the laboratory are forest biodiversity and ecosystem functions/services assessment, carbon cycles and nutrition elements, forest soils dynamics with the use of methods of geobotany, forestry, ecology, soil science, terrestrial monitoring, surface and remote sensing data, statistical and math modeling methods.


The laboratory consists of 3 groups:
  1. «Forest biodiversity» group lead by Dr. habil. Prof. Ol’ga Smirnova.
  2. «Terrestrial ecosystems carbon accounting» group lead by Dr. habil. Prof. Dmitrii Zamolodchikov.
  3. “Forest and soil” group lead by Dr. habil. Prof. corresponding member of RAS Natal’ya Lukina.


Main research topics of the «Forest biodiversity» group:
  • Model reconstruction of the pre-human state and potential diversity of the forest cover of European Russia, Ural and Caucasus;
  • Forest cover key species biology;
  • Population and functional organization of forest ecosystems at coenotic and landscape level.

Group collaboratorslist:

Aleksei Aleinikov – senior researcher,

Tat’yana Braslavskaya – leading researcher,

Anna Geras’kina – senior researcher,

Ol’ga Smirnova – chief researcher,

Elena Tikhonova – leading researcher.


Main research topics of the «Terrestrial ecosystems carbon accounting» group:
  • Inventory and modeling of greenhouse gases budget in forests at regional and national levels;
  • Forest and other terrestrial ecosystems services assessment;
  • Instrumental measurements of greenhouse gases fluxes in forest and tundra ecosystems;
  • Climate change impact assessment on permafrost dynamics and associated ecological processes.

Group collaboratorslist:

Dmitrii Zamolodchikov – chief researcher,

Vladimir Kaganov – researcher,

Dmitrii Karelin – senior researcher,

Vasilii Grabovskii – leading researcher.

Ol’ga Chestnykh – senior researcher.


Main research topics of the «Forest and soil» group:
  • Soil and vegetation interrelation assessment in forests and forest ecotones;
  • Synergism and antagonism assessment among ecosystem functions/services of forests;
  • Math modeling of ecosystem processes and functions/services of forests.

Group collaboratorslist:

Natal’ya Lukina – Head of laboratory,

Yurii Gagarin – leading researcher,

Aleksei Gornov – senior researcher,

Mariya Gornova – researcher,

Mariya Danilova – senior researcher,

Anna Dulina – researcher,

Dar’ya Teben’kova – senior researcher,

Vadim Smirnov – leading researcher,

Vladimir Shanin – senior researcher,

Elena Ruchinskaya – junior researcher,

Anton Kataev – researcher,

Anastasiya Kuznetsova – junior researcher,

Nikolai Shevchenko – senior researcher.


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