Database “Soil characteristics of Northern Eurasia”

Database “Soil characteristics of Northern Eurasia”


Authors: Chestnykh O.V., Zamolodchikov D.G.

Annotation: The current version of the database includes information on 1470 soil profiles from 300 literature sources. Here you can find soil profiles laid in the forests, also there are descriptions of soil profiles for other categories of land – tundra, meadows, steppes. For each profile, there was entered detailed information into the database (about 40 parameters): geographic location, soil type according to several classifications, description of surrounding vegetation, soil profile, for each of the selected horizons – physicochemical properties, mechanical composition, bulk chemical composition, including the content of organic substances.

Based on the calculated average values ​​of soil carbon stocks and state forest inventory information, relating to the distribution of forest-covered areas and the area representation of other categories of forest land, the absolute carbon stocks in the soil were calculated.

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