Geraskina Anna Petrovna

заведующая лабораторией, старший научный сотрудник

Academic degree:

Candidate of Biological Sciences, specialty “Ecology” (2010) 



2000-2005 – Smolensk State Pedagogical University, Specialist, Department of Biology and Chemistry,

2005-2009 – Postgraduate studies at the Moscow State Pedagogical University, Department of Zoology and Ecology,

2009 – defense of a dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Biological Sciences on the topic “Dynamics of earthworm complexes during secondary restorative successions” in the dissertation council of the Moscow State Pedagogical University.



2022 – present, head laboratory at the Center for Forest Ecology and Productivity of the Russian Academy of Sciences

2018 – present, senior researcher at the Center for Forest Ecology and Productivity of the Russian Academy of Sciences

2018-2019 Associate Professor, Department of Zoology and Ecology, Moscow Pedagogical State University

2017-2018 Researcher at the Center for Forest Ecology and Productivity of the Russian Academy of Sciences

2009-2016 Assistant, Senior Lecturer, Smolensk State Medical University


Scientific interests:

Forest ecology, soil invertebrates, fauna and earthworm ecology


Participation in projects:

RSF project No. 23-24-00543 ” Geospatial modeling of earthworm communities in the Northwestern Caucasus using machine learning methods” (2023-2024), supervisor

RSF project No. 21-74-20171 “Indicators of the agrogenic stage of development of the forest area” (2021-2024), performer

RFBR project No. 19-04-00609 “Model reconstruction of pre-anthropogenic living cover of the Northern and Middle Urals” (2019-2021), performer

RSF project No. 16-17-10284P “Carbon accumulation in forest soils and successional status of forests” (2019-2020), performer

RFBR project №16-04-01228 “Communities of soil Collembola in relict forest ecosystems” (2016-2018), performer

RFBR project № “16-04-00395 “Model reconstruction of potential forest cover of the Russian Plain, the North Caucasus and the Urals in today’s climate” (2016-2018), performer


Additional information:
Head the editors of the journal «Forest science issues»

Responsible secretary of the journal «Russian journal of forest science»


Most significant publications:

  • Geraskina A.P., Shevchenko N.E., Biotopic allocation of morpho-ecological groups of earthworms (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae) to the main forest types in the Bol’shaya Laba river basin (Northwestern Caucasus), Zoologicheskii Zhurnal, 2021, Vol. 100, No 1, pp. 3-16.
  • Geraskina A., Shevchenko N. Distribution of epi-endogeic and endogeic earthworm species (Oligochaeta: Lumbricidae) in the forest belt of the Northwest Caucasus, Zootaxa, 2021, Vol. 4975, No. 3, pp. 561-573.
  • Kuznetsova A.I., Geraskina A.P., Lukina N.V., Smirnov V.E., Tikhonova E.V., Shevchenko N.E., Gornov A.V., Ruchinskaya E.V., Tebenkova D.N., Linking vegetation, soil carbon stocks, and earthworms in upland coniferous–broadleaf forests, Forests, 2021, Vol. 12, No. 9, Article1179, DOI: 10.3390/f12091179.
  • Geraskina A., Kuprin A., Functional diversity of earthworm communities in forests in the south of the Russian Far East, Ecological Questions, 2021, Vol. 32, No. 2, pp. 81-91, DOI: 12775/EQ.2021.016
  • Shevchenko N., Geraskina A.P. Kuprin A., Grabenko E., The role of canopy gaps in maintaining biodiversity of plants and soil macrofauna in the forests of the northwestern Caucasus, Ecological Questions, 2021, Vol. 32, No. 2, pp. 93-110, DOI:12775/EQ.2021.017
  • Lukina N.V., Geraskina A.P., Kuznetsova A.I., Smirnov V.E., Gornov A.V., Shevchenko N.Ye., Tikhonova Ye.V., Tebenkova D.N., Basova Ye.V., Forests’ Functional Classification: Relevance and Approaches to Development, Russian Journal of Forest Science, 2021, No. 6, pp. 566-580.
  • Geraskina A.P., Tebenkova D.N., Ershov D.V., Ruchinskaya E.V., Sibirtseva N.V., Lukina N.V., Wildfires as a factor of the loss of biodiversity and functions of forest ecosystems, Forest Science Issues, 2021, Vol. 4, No. 2. Article 82, DOI 10.31509/2658-607x-202142-11
  • Shekhovtsov S.V., Shipova A.A., Poluboyarova T.V., Vasiliev G.V., Golovanova E.V., Geraskina A.P., Bulakhova N.A., Szederjesi T., Peltek S.E., Species Delimitation of the Eisenia nordenskioldi Complex (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae) Using Transcriptomic Data, Frontiers in Genetics, 2020, Vol. 11, Article 598196,  DOI: 10.3389/fgene.2020.598196
  • Geraskina A.P., Restoration of earthworms community (Oligochaeta: Lumbricidae) at sand quarries (Smolensk oblast, Russia), Ecological Questions, 2019, Vol. 30, No. 3, pp. 7-15, DOI: 10.12775/EQ.2019.017
  • Geraskina A.P., Shevchenko N.E., Spatial distribution of the epigeic species of earthworms Dendrobaena octaedra and D. attemsi (Oligochaeta: Lumbricidae) in the forest belt of the Northwestern Caucasus, Turkish Journal of Zoology, 2019, Vol. 43, No. 5, pp. 480-489, DOI: 10.3906/zoo-1902-31.
  • Geraskina A.P., Shevchenko N.E., Biotopic association of earthworms in intact forests of Teberda nature reserve, Contemporary Problems of Ecology, 2019, Vol. 12, No. 7, pp. 731-742, DOI: 10.1134/S1995425519070047.
  • Smirnova O.V., Geraskina A.P., Aleynikov A.A., The concept «Сomplementarity» as the basis for model and nature reconstruction of potential biota in the current climate, Russian Journal of Ecosystem Ecology, 2018, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 1-21, DOI 10.21685/2500-0578-2018-3-1.
  • Geraskina A.P., The Population of Earthworms (Lumbricidae) in the Main Types of Dark Coniferous Forests in Pechora-Ilych Nature Reserve”, Biology Bulletin, 2016, Vol. 43, No. 8, pp. 819-830, DOI: 10.1134/S1062359016080082.
  • Geraskina A.P. Ecological assessment of the dynamics of the complex of earthworms (Lumbricidae) in the course of recovery successions. Smolensk: SSMU, 2016.148 p.


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