Laboratory of forest ecosystem monitoring


Laboratory of forest ecosystem monitoring was founded in 1992. Main topics are connected to the development of methods for forest ecosystems investigation based on contemporary GIS technologies and remote sensing data.

Head of laboratory is Ershov Dmitry, Ph.D., Leading Researcher

The laboratory consists of 12 researchers including a Dr. habil. and 5 Ph.D.

The laboratory collective unites researchers of different topics of forestry, biology, natural resources investigation, cartography, geography, GIS and remote sensing.


Main research topics:

  • Dynamic forest ecosystem mapping, biometric stand parameters and biomass assessment using satellite and drone data;
  • Change detection in forests, forest stand condition, disturbed by fires, insect outbreaks, loggings, winds, climate, etc.;
  • Reforestation mapping using satellite datasets;
  • Development of GIS technologies for monitoring fire danger in forests, wildfires and their consequences;
  • Carbon emission and balance in Boreal Forests;
  • Biodiversity and key biotopes mapping based on ground and satellite data.


Collaborators’ list:

Dmitry Ershov – Head of laboratory, leading researcher, PhD

Elena Belova – junior researcher

Egor Gavrilyuk – senior researcher

Anastasia Kharitonova – junior researcher

Svetlana Knyazeva – leading researcher, PhD

Natal’ya Koroleva – researcher, PhD

Konstantin Kovganko – researcher

Viktor Nefed’ev – chief specialist, habil

 Alena Nikitina –  junior researcher

Aleksandra Plotnikova – senior researcher, PhD

Ekaterina Podolskaya – leading researcher, PhD

Elena Sochilova – researcher


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