22-24 мая 2019 г. в Санкт-Петербурге состоялся The 9th International Symposium “Information Fusion and Intelligent Geographical Information Systems 2019” (IF&IGIS’19).

The goal of the IF&IGIS’19 symposium is to discuss new approaches to solving major pressing problems in such fields as artificial intelligence and intelligent geoinformation systems (IGIS).

Symposium Topics:

  • Big data and cloud computing of IGIS;
  • Spatial data infrastructure for IGIS;
  • Artificial intelligence for GIS;
  • IGIS algorithms and computational issues;
  • Ontologies for IGIS and their applications;
  • IGIS and simulation systems;
  • Mobile and distributed IGIS;
  • The theory and practice of acoustics field modeling in the sea on IGIS base;
  • The theory and practice of radar field modeling over the sea surface on IGIS base;
  • Ports, maritime transportation and logistics;
  • Marine energy and natural resources, environmental management;
  • Maritime safety;
  • Sea-Land Interface and IGIS;
  • Sea food supply and sustainability;
  • Digital humanities and IGIS.

Научный сотрудник лаборатории мониторинга лесных экосистем к.т.н. Подольская Е.С. представила доклад:

Ekaterina S. Podolskaia, Konstantin A. Kovganko, Dmitry V. Ershov

Regional geoinformation modelling of ground access to the forest fires in Russia



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